【G-Chat Japanese】1-on-1 chat program in Japanese!

【G-Chat Japanese】1-on-1 chat program in Japanese!

Japanese Online Practice Program for all levels: G-Chat Japanese
If you are looking for an opportunity to practice Japanese, this program is for you!
This is a 1-on-1 program where you can talk in Japanese with Japanese students!

☆ Face-to- face G-Chat will start from November 16th!
Wednesdays 15:00~17:00 (You can join/leave freely during this time!)
Student Commons (1st Area 1A Bldg ( MAP ))
Click here for details → Face-to- Face-to-face! 【G-Chat Japanese】

ONLINE G-Chat Japanese
For: University of Tsukuba students/staff
Date/time: Based on staff’s availability
Platform: Microsoft Teams
Language: Japanese (any level)

1. Please book the online session using the link here;
2. You will receive automatically a confirmation email with the details of the session (in case you don’t receive any email, please contact the Student Support Center, campus-kokusaika@un.tsukuba.ac.jp)

3. Five minutes before the starting time, open again the confirmation email and click on the “Join your appointment” button to join the session (Microsoft Teams meeting)

Deadline: Please book the session at least 3 days (72hrs) prior to the wanted date & time

Staff List

Staff STCollege of Mechanical EngineeringU2楽しくお話ししましょう!あなたの国の文化の話が聞きたいです!
Staff MHCollege of Information ScienceU4大阪出身です!関西弁が聞けるかも???一緒に楽しくお話ししましょう!
Staff NMCollege of International StudiesU4とにかく楽しくコツコツと!一緒に頑張りましょう!!
Enjoy speking step by step! Let's practice Japanese together!!
Staff IKCollege of Comparative CultureU4イギリスに留学に行っていました。英語でも日本語でも楽しくお話ししたいです!I went to Edinburgh, UK as an exchange student. I am looking forward to talking to you in Japanese/English!
Staff HRMaster’s Programme in Materials ScienceM2英語でしっかりとサポートしますので、まだあまり日本語が話せない方も大歓迎です。
I speak English, so those who do not yet speak much Japanese are also welcome.

※ Max. 1 session/week per person
※ In the case of cancellation, contact us asap. Please try to avoid sudden cancellations
※ Each chat is 40~50 minutes max
※ Make sure to write down your email address correctly
※ This is a chat event and not for teaching a language
※ The staff are Japanese students

Student Support Center
E-mail: campus-kokusaika*@*un.tsukuba.ac.jp (Delete * before sending)

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