Accepting students from Ukraine / Donate for students from Ukraine

Accepting students from Ukraine / Donate for students from Ukraine

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1st July 2022 Donate for students from Ukraine 
13th April 2022 Accepting students from Ukraine

1st July 2022

Since February 2022, Russian troops have been invading Ukraine, many civilians have been caught up in the conflict, and the situation remains critical, with significant damage being caused in many parts of the country. 
As the war situation in the Ukraine continues, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure places to study and research in the region, and the importance and necessity to support Ukrainian students is increasing more than ever before. 
For this reason, on April 13th, the University of Tsukuba announced the “Acceptance of students from Ukraine” and began providing financial support (travel and living expenses support, etc.) and other student assistance initiatives, and has received more than 450 enquiries so far. 
Although it is difficult to accept all of these people, the situation in the region and in the evacuation centers are more difficult than we could have imagined, and we would like to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to continue their studies. However, the situation is far from satisfactory. 
Therefore, we sincerely ask for your warm support to help Ukrainian students who wish to study at the University of Tsukuba. 

President of the University of Tsukuba 
Kyosuke Nagata 

Use of funds 

The following measures will be implemented to support students who are unable to secure a place to study or conduct research due to the worsening situation in Ukraine.  

1. Support up to the date of departure: provision of travel expenses (up to ¥150,000), support for obtaining status of residence, etc. 
2. Financial support: monthly living expenses of 50,000 yen (planned) will be provided until March 2023. 
3. Housing support: Free rental of student accommodation at the University, etc. 
4. Student life and Support Services: tutoring, counselling, Japanese language study programs, etc. 
5. Other improvements to the study and living environment in connection with the acceptance of students from Ukraine. 

【How to donate】  Donations can be made online via the University of Tsukuba Foundation website.  

【Period of application】 Until 31 October 2022. 

【Tax benefits etc. 】 Please refer to the University of Tsukuba Foundation website (Top page > Tax Incentives).

Student Support: Division of Student Exchange, Department of Student Affairs   TEL: 029 (853) 6062 
Donations: Office of Development  TEL: 029(853)5845 

Accepting students from Ukraine

13th April 2022

The crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. The University of Tsukuba will ensure that those who love learning and respect freedom will continue to have opportunities to study and conduct research same as before, and will not tolerate mutual harm due to nationality or any other differences. Thus, the University of Tsukuba will respond appropriately to any problems or disadvantages, including mental health care. For this reason, the University of Tsukuba will accept students from Ukraine who wish to continue their studies and research as follows.

President of the University of Tsukuba
NAGATA Kyosuke

1. For who

Students, etc. who cannot study or conduct research anymore due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine*.

(1) Undergraduate Programs students will be accepted as exchange students
(2) Graduate Programs students will be accepted as research students (or exchange students if 3.(2) below applies)
(In any case, every student will be accepted as a non-degree student who does not wish to obtain a degree.)
*Currently enrolled in a Ukrainian undergraduate or postgraduate course or graduated from a Ukrainian bachelor’s course.

In addition, regarding students who are enrolled in/have been admitted to the University, we will provide, according to their requests, individual support for travel expenses, living expenses, housing, etc. Therefore, we ask that you actively contact us for more information.

2. Application Period

Until March 31, 2023 (as of now)

3. Support provided by the University

(1) Support for those who continue their studies and research at the University will be provided

① Assistance until the day of departure: travel expenses (up to 150,000 yen) and assistance in obtaining a status of residence will be provided
② Housing support: Rent-free rental student housing at the university
③ Financial support: Up to 50,000 yen per month (tentative) for living expenses until March 2023.
 Admission and tuition fees will also be waived.
④ Student Life and Support Services: Tutoring, counseling, Japanese language study programs, etc.
⑤ In addition: Promote cooperation with related companies and other institutions, etc., to gain more support for students

(2) Support for online students

① Offer courses that can be taken online (Online Courses List)
② Waive tuition fees

4.  How to apply and where to inquire

If you wish to apply, please contact us using the form below (If you wish to take Online Courses, please mention about it in the form). We will inform you then about the application procedure. Before applying as a research student, you must obtain the approval of the academic advisor from whom you wish to receive guidance, and from the head of the educational department you wish to belong to.

 Please note that the selection will be made based on the application form, and because of the selection process, there may be cases in which acceptance may not be possible.

※We are currently receiving many inquiries regarding acceptance and apologize that it is taking us some time to respond.

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