Origami Week in each Chat Event on June 11~14

Origami Week in each Chat Event on June 11~14

We will have Tanabata soon! When it comes to Tanabata, we decorate bamboo with lots of origami and make a wish by writing on Tanzaku (wishing paper)… Doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s fun to wish and hope it will come true!
So, this time we will collaborate with Chat Events to make origami! We will make origami, Teruteru-bozu (cute doll to prevent rain) for Orihime and Hikoboshi, write down your wish on Tanzaku during joining each Chat Events! Sounds cool, right?! You definitely learn new vocabulary as well. No reservation is required, and you can join/leave freely, so please come and join us!

【Dates】6/11(Tue), 12(Wed), 13(Thu), 14(Fri) – 15:15~16:30 (in each Chat Event)

【Place】Student Commons (1A 203 (MAP))

Making origami and Teruteru-bozu for Tanabata, writing down wish on Tanzaku while learning vocabulary on each Chat Event’s table!

●Same as Chat Events, no reservation is required and you can join/leave freely!(→See Chat Events details from here)
●We prepare origami and all crafts tools.
●This event is a part of Tanabata Yukata Event on July 8th (→See Tanabata Yukata event details from here
●If you want to make origami but you can’t join this week, you can visit Student Commons anytime!
●If you have any questions, please contact Division of Student Exchange (campus-kokusaika#un.tsukuba.ac.jp **change # to @).

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