【Chat Events】English・Japanese・Multilingual Chat Events 2024/05~

【Chat Events】English・Japanese・Multilingual Chat Events 2024/05~

If you want to practice your Japanese, other languages, or just want to interact with lots of students from all over the world, these Chat Events are great opportunities for you! We really recommend you to join!!

We have 3 kinds of Chat Events, which are English Chat, Japanese Chat, and Multilingual Chat. We’ll make small groups for each.

We welcome any levels! You can join/leave freely!
★ We have a table for beginners every events. You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have confidence at all! Let’s just enjoy through games etc.
★ We always have staff who are fluent in English, so they will help you.

Place:Student Commons (Area 1, 1A Bldg, 203 *MAP
対象:Students from University of Tsukuba
※The staff are students at the University of Tsukuba.
※These events are chat events and NOT classes.

【English Chat Event】
Date:Tuesdays and Thursdays

【Japanese Chat Event】

【Multilingual Chat Event】
→In Multilingual Chat, we change the languages depends on the staff working on the day.
 We’ll inform you through the calendar below or Instagram once it’s fixed, so please check them!
 And we usually have an English table.

You can check the schedule for each Chat Events with the calendar below. (We will update the calendar as necessary.)

English Chat Japanese Chat Multilingual Chat

Student Support Center
E-mail: campus-kokusaika*@*un.tsukuba.ac.jp (Delete * before sending)

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