★Yukata Registration has closed★ Tanabata and Yukata Event! – Monday, July 8th, 2024

★Yukata Registration has closed★ Tanabata and Yukata Event! – Monday, July 8th, 2024

Let’s enjoy Tanabata with wearing a nice yukata!

Tanabata is an event which is originally from China. According to its historical story, July 7th is only the day Orihime(Vega) and Hikoboshi(Altair) can meet by crossing the Milky Way, only once in a year. Here in Japan, we decorate bamboo with lots of origami decorations and Tanzaku(the paper you write down your wish) and wish that Orihime and Hikoboshi can meet successfully.
→Tanabata Bamboo is at SSC now!

On Monday, July 8th, 2024, we will have Tanabata and Yukata Event! Let’s enjoy Tanabata while dressing in Yukata! We will dress limited number of students in a Yukata and you can take photos in front of a nice background with the bamboo we will prepare at Student Commons, and walk around in/near the campus. We hope you can make a good summer memories in Japan!
★We rent all yukata (maximum 15-20 per-session) free of charge! **It reached the limit number already**
★Feel free to come if you have your own Yukata or Jimbei and can wear it by yourself (or your friend can dress you up)! Even if you don’t wear Yukata, you still can come to Student Commons and enjoy this event!

Monday, July 8th, 2024

●1st session● 9:00 ~ 12:00
(wear Yukata during 9:00~10:00, rent from 10:00~, come back to Student Commons by 12:00)
●2nd session● 13:00 ~ 16:00
(wear Yukata during 13:00~14:00, rent from 14:00~, come back to Student Commons by 16:00)

Student Commons (Area 1, 1A Bldg. 203 (MAP))
* After wearing Yukata, you can walk in/around the campus!

Exchange students who came from the university of other countries or International students

【How to apply】
●We closed registration since the limit number is reached. Thank you very much for all of your entry!
●We will e-mail people who are elected to notify the details.

【Important Notes】
●We will only accept around 30-40 people in total due to the number of staff and Yukata we can provide, so we want to avoid having people who may cancel. Please apply for it if you are really sure that you can join this event.
●We will select the participants by checking if there is Yukata which suits your height, time you are available, etc.
●Since you will borrow the yukata, please be careful to not get any dirt or cuts. We also ask you to wear a T-shirt under Yukata.
●We take photos and videos of the event. Photos and videos taken will be used for publicity purposes (website, SNS, article publication, etc.) of the University of Tsukuba. Please understand the above before participating. If you have any concern with the use of photographs or other materials, please inform us in advance.
●If you have any questions, please contact Division of Student Exchange (campus-kokusaika#un.tsukuba.ac.jp **change # to @).

お問い合わせは、スチューデントサポートセンター国際交流支援室まで(campus-kokusaika#un.tsukuba.ac.jp #を@に変更してください)。

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