One-day part time job for English conversations!

One-day part time job for English conversations!

GFEST (Global Future Expert in Science and Technology) looks for students who can commumicate in English!

GFEST is looking for people who can speak English and have high communication skills to enhance high school students’ cross-cultural understandings and their English speaking levels!

What you are expected to are:
・to communicate with students in English. (2 or 3 students)
・to talk about your home town. “What do you like the most about your hometown?”

Date and Time:Thursday, March 26, 11:00-12:00
Place:Room 110, Advanced Research Laboratory A
Requirement:English skills (fluent conversation level of English)
Honorarium:2,880 yen
*Paperwork is requird to receive the reward.
*In order to receive rewards, a “Permission to engage in activities other than permitted under the status of residence” is required.
Number of applicants:10
Deadline:March 4th, 2024 (Mon)
Apply: (English is available)


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