About On-Campus Transportation

About On-Campus Transportation

Recommendations for the transportation

At the University of Tsukuba, almost all students use bikes to transport to any part of the city easily. Even within the campus, the distance between the classrooms and cafeterias is very large; it can take more than 30 minutes to cross the whole campus.
Also, the University has the “On-Campus Loop-line Bus”, a campus transportation system (bus) convenient to the commute and mobility on campus.
We suggest checking how far your room is from the different facilities (Tsukuba Campus Map) or the Tsukuba Station. Most exchange students live in Ichinoya Dormitory, which is
→ 1.3 km away from the Central Library.
→ On foot, it is around 17 minutes (route);
→ By bus, it costs 170 yen and takes about 12 minutes (route);
→ By bike is around 6-7 minutes.

We have collected and compiled information related to the on-campus transportation so incoming international students can enjoy their stay at our university more!
Here are some recommendations:

1. Rent a used bike

The University, in cooperation with Meigenso Corporation and Cycle Chic Tsukuba (https://cyclechic.jp/), started the “UP Cycle Project”, a bike rental project. You can use this rental service during your stay in Tsukuba, and then you can return it to the Cycle Chic Tsukuba (bike store). Normally, if you buy a bike (new or used), you will need to give it to someone, bring it to a recycling store, or pay to throw it out, before you leave Japan. However, if you use this rental service, you won’t need to think about what to do with the bike before leaving Japan!

・Please refer to the following website for details

・If you are interested on renting a bike, please complete the following application form

2. Receive a used bike from a friend or other student

Many students contact their friends or other students from their program or community and receive a used bike from them. We recommend you make contacts in advance and ask for help!

3. Buy a bike (new or used)

There are some bike stores around the campus for buying new and used bikes.
Specifically, during the first days of April every year, the following bike stores come to the campus (Hirasuna Dormitory area) and sell new and old bikes at a reasonable price.
 ・AEON BIKE (new bikes) https://aeonbike.jp/
 ・Cycle Chic Tsukuba (new bikes, and rental service for used bikes) https://cyclechic.jp
 ・つくば市シルバー人材センター/Tsukuba City Silver Personnel Center (used bikes) https://tsukuba-sjc.or.jp/business/own/01.html 

General Notes:
About Registration of new or used bikes (in case you buy or receive one)
If you buy a bike (whether new or used) or receive one from a friend, you will need to register it to the University.
 Registration Fee: 2,000 yen
 How to register: go to any of the following offices, and ask for the Application for Bike Registration Form
         - Division of Student Welfare
         - Academic Service Office / Program Office / Academic Support Center

About traffic safety
Please refer to the Traffic Safety Guidelines made by the Tsukuba City Hall to understand the transit rules.
traffic_safety_en.pdf (npa.go.jp)

4. Take the On-Campus Loop-line Bus

a. Take the bus normally
 Price: 170~280 yen every time, depending how far you go

b. Buy the Annual Bus Pass
 Price: 19,000 yen/year *Prices may be changed
 Covered Section: “Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan” Route (UT circulation route, check the route map below)

Please refer to the following website for details on how to apply for the Annual Bus Pass

Useful information for international students

University of Tsukuba Student’s Guide

International Student’s Guidebook

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